GetPlayers output

This section describes the two methods that are used to retrieve either a specific player data or a list of players for a specific team.


Request data using either the numeric ID of the team or the name (string) of the team - similar to other methods. 


Use numeric ID of the specific player you want to retrieve data from.


Example of XML Player object:

  <Name>Ryan Bertrand </Name>


  • The PlayerDetails for livescore data is not mapped to these ID's right now. A solution is being worked on -- until then, use these methods for squad details only.
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    Ketil Johnsen

    How is your solution for matching/using the player IDs with the livescore coming along?

    So far I've only looked at the two matches in Scottish Premier League yesterday (5th of April, 2016), and there where 17 players which was mentioned in the lineup, but did not show up in the GetPlayers-output for various reasons; spelling errors (e.g Bitton vs Biton), different name variant used (e.g. Christie vs Chris), encoding errors (e.g. Darren O&#039;Dea), missing parts of the name (e.g. Arturo Rodriguez), duplicated parts of the name (e.g. Kazim Kazim-Richards), or simply missing completely from the squad (e.g. Eiji Kawashima).

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    Zeyin Lai

    Hey, recently found out Alvaro Negredo is being missed from Middlesbrough squad while Pedro Rodriguez is nowhere found in the Chelsea player list. Could you please look into them and come up with a fix?

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