Time interval limits

Time interval limits

To reduce costs and keep the API as cheap, reliable and fast as possible, a number of limitations is enabled per API-key for the methods. The limits are as follows:
  1. GetLiveScore: 20 seconds
  • GetLiveScoreByLeague: 20 seconds
  • GetOddsByFixtureMatchID: 1800 seconds
  • GetHistoricMatchesByLeagueAndSeason: 1800 seconds
  • GetAllTeams/GetAllTeamsByLeagueAndSeason: 1800 seconds
  • GetAllLeagues: 1800 seconds
  1. All others: 300 seconds

Extended plan with no time limits is available, please contact us with your requirements. It is also possible to get a custom webservice developed for your need.

League/ID dependent*

Some of the methods, for example the GetLiveScoreByLeague, also takes the league as one of the input-parameters. All methods that does this also uses this parameter to calculate time between each call.

As an example: This means that it is perfectly legal for you to call the GetLeagueStandingsBySeason as quickly as possible as long as the league-parameter differs. This is practical when cycling through all of your leagues - just keep in mind that it must take 300 seconds before your next cycle begins (requesting data for the same leagues again).

One specific method (GetOddsByFixtureMatchID) is ID-dependent. This means that the timelimit only applies per match. (You cannot request odds information for the same match just after another call).

Demo service

To allow for flexibility when developing software, the demo league follow the same rules, but all timelimits is 5 seconds.

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    Chris Feetham

    Hey Michael I have been have some trouble using the method GetAllTeamsByLeagueAndSeason. To cycle though the leagues hitting the 1 request per 15 seconds limit. But I'm struggling to fallow some of the API documentation on it would you be able to clarify the request limitations for this method? Thanks very much.

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    Max Stagsted

    GetLiveScoreByLeague should be dependent on league id, but it is not. Calling the api for two different leagues within 20 seconds give me the error that I am about to be placed on spammers list.

    It could be a useful service, but for now I will use GetLiveScore instead, even if most of the data returned is useless to me.

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    Michael Vognsen Nielsen

    Hi Max

    It is actually depended on League.

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