Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

Ready, set, go!

This article describes the few steps its takes to get you started using the API.

1. Sign up at

To sign up on, navigate here. All you need to specify is your desired username, password and a valid e-mail. No further information is needed.


2. Validate e-mail

After registering, you will receive an e-mail on the account you specified upon registration. Open the e-mail and click the "Activate link" found inside it. 

A "success" page will be displayed. 

This step is necessary to be able to use the API, as your personal API-key (which is essential for any methods used) is generated the instant that your e-mail is validated.


3. Find your API-key

Log into your account by clicking "log in" in the upperright corner of After you have logged in, access your account by clicking the "My account" tab. 

You will find your API-key under "Service details". This is the API-key you will use in the future. Until you have made any subscriptions, it is only valid for the Demo-API. If and when you make any payments and becomes a full subscriber, the same API-key is good for the full API.


4. Try it out/Start developing

You are all set to try out the demo API. The demo API is not timelimited and lets you try all the functions of the full API but all data is restricted to the Scottish Premier League.

You find the demo API service here:

You find the full API here:


5. Buy subscription

When you are satisfied with the service and you feel ready to "go pro", you make a payment to subscribe to the full API. To ensure a secure and fluent buying experience, PayPal is used. You don't have to have a PayPal account as any major cards are supported by PayPal (Visa, Mastercard and others). automatically receives notifications of any payments you make. This means that your account is instantly upgraded to a full subscriber within seconds from PayPal confirmation - there is no manual administration delays in the process.

To begin using the full functionality, you need to change your Webservice URL's from to As explained in step 3. your API-key is not changed and you don't have to do anything else. 

Now XML-responses is not limited to the demo league anymore.


Secure payments are administrated by PayPal

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