Official .Net library

This page contain a couple of lines of code on how to use the .net library file. The .dll is still in beta, and please report any problems you experience.

Keep in mind that the library file requires .NET 4.0 and cannot be used in the Compact Framework (use standard library). 

 Download it here: Download

Video tutorial here: Youtube


Version released (April 22nd. 2016),

Added: Support for Rescheduling details

Version released (April 16th. 2016),

Fixed: Fixed issue with GetHistoricMatchesByLeagueAndSeason: This method created a NullPointerException for the FACUP in specific seasons.

Version released (March 12th. 2015),

Fixed: Fixed issue with GetFixturesByLeagueAndSeason: This method created a NullPointerException.

Version released (November 10th. 2014),

Added: Support for GetAllOddsByMatch

Version released (September 23. 2014),

Fixed: GetAllTeamsByLeagueAndSeason was using incorrect namespace resulting in no returning teams.
Recompiled: The .dll does no longer require .Net 4.5 but only .Net 4.0.

Version released (August 31. 2014),

Added: Method "GetNextMatchOddsByLeague" which returns newest odds from all matches from yesterday and 8 days forward for a particular league.
Fixed: AwayLineUpDefense was not returned when using either of the Livescore methods nor some of the Fixture methods.

Version released (June 14th 2014),

FIX: GetCupStandingsByGroupId always returned 0 groups Version 0.9.6 released (June 3rd 2014), Addition: Now supports the ''''GetAllTeamsByLeagueAndSeason' method Version 0.9.5 released (May 23nd 2014), now supports the new 'GetCupStandingsByGroupId'

Version 0.9.4 released (May 22nd 2014),

Now supports the new GetAllGroups method and added "Group" + "Group_Id" properties to Match class.

Version 0.9.3 released (April 7th 2014), now supports the new GetPlayer methods.

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    Hi, I get the "Local and central CRC values don't match" when trying to unzip the file.

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    declan taylor

    Similar problems to u/GlutVonSmark : 7zip hangs at 1% and says the decompression method is unsupported.

    However the code can be found on github:

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